Ex’l Biblical Institute works in partnership with ISOM, International School of Ministry.

ISOM offers teaching programs translated into more than 60 languages. At this day, ISOM counts more than 250 000 students worldwide, in more than 140 nations, which makes of ISOM the biggest biblical school in the world !
Its purpose is to make the church a training center, and then a church planting center.

Therefore, ISOM has created a revolutionary concept which allows local churches all over the world to become schools and biblical institutes using only two things :

1. A DVD of the teachings.
2. A notebook for each student with the notes of each course, the group discussion guide and questions to deepen in a personnal reflexion.

Thanks to these excellent resources, it is now possible to create your own Biblical Institute in your church and to tailor it especially for your church’s local vision.

The teachings are delivered by confirmed international ministries from different countries, speaking of exciting and essential subjects.
Here are some of the teachings among the thirty seven themes tackled during the program  : The Power of Prayer, The Wilderness Mentality, The Leadership Vision, Supernatural Living, The Leader’s Integrity, Foundations of the Faith, Ministering to Youth etc.