The teachers have been carefully chosen to bring you strategic training themes which have been tried and tested by these international ministries, who have already reaches thousands of lives.

The Institute includes around 30 teachers who bring their life experience and discoveries, during 5 trimesters. Below, you’ll be introduced to some of them :

Pastor Brian HOUSTON (Australia) :
Brian Houston pastors the 20,000 member Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia. His TV ministry airs in 180 nations. In this series, Brian shares powerful leadership principles and shows how the heart of a leader determines their ultimate effectiveness. He teaches us on « Developping leaders ».
Rev. Bevere is reaching thousands of people each year by ministering in churches, Bible schools and conferences around the world. His vision is to strengthen believers, awaken the lost and captive in the church and proclaim the knowledge of God’s glory to the nations.
He teaches us on « The fear of the Lord » and « The authority » and « Forgiveness ».
Dr. Reinhardt BONKE (Germany) :
Millions have been saved, delivered and healed through Dr. Bonnke’s ministry.
Signs and wonders follow his preaching of the Gospel. Learn the secrets of
evangelism from one of the most fruitful evangelists in the world today. He unveils to us the secret of « Power evangelism ».
Dr. Jack HAYFORD (USA) :
Dr. Hayford is the founding pastor of Church On The Way in California and is known as a « pastor of pastors ». He is internationally respected as an author, songwriter and teacher. He teaches us on the theme « Leader’s integrity ».
Pastor Ray COMFORT (New-Zeland) :
From New Zealand, Rev. Comfort has written more than 40 books. He is perhaps best known for Hell’s Best Kept Secret . The videos in this series are a must as Rev. Comfort employs many amusing visual aids to get his message on « Personnal evangelism » across.
Dean SHERMAN (United-Kingdom) :
Rev. Sherman is an internationally-respected Bible teacher. He has taught on spiritual warfare for more than 20 years in ministers conferences, Youth With A Mission schools, and churches in over 40 countries and in all 50 states. You will appreciate Dean’s down-to-earth and solid approach on this crucial topic.