Ex’L Biblical Institute is really a vision for the french speaking world. Its purpose is to train disciples and servants to do effective work for Jesus-Christ.

It is first and foremost a place of training offering a complete program reaching :

THE HEART : The deepend study of the Bible put into daily practice of the church tests the motivations, the ability to question oneself and challenges the heart in depth.

THE HEAD : A high-quality biblical and practical teaching, gathering international and certified ministries.

HANDS : A real life and commitment in the local church to become christians on the move and in action serving God and people. This includes an effective participation in church meetings and involvment in the different ministries of the church.

Ex’l Biblical Institute is :

AN ANSWER to the real need and command of Christ to train disciples in the local churches in France and in the whole world.

A DREAM : A high level and complete training in the local church.

ACTUAL : Ex’L Institute is entirely compatible with professionnal activity.