Youthbytes: What is it?

Youthbytes is a series of 20 DVDs with 40 crazy lessons that teach deep, essential subjects of the christian life.
They were created by the evangelist Chad Daniel and his production team from every corner of the world, then translated into french. Chad uses every opportunity; travel, culture and more to create captivating and shocking images that help to communicate and to teach biblical truths. He plays with humor, shocks, and challenges to enthrall the teenagers who’s jaws drop during his demonstrations.

Each teaching lasts 6 minutes and is an excellent hook to continue on a group discussion or on the development of a specific point tackled during Chad’s teaching.

At EBS, we have been using this material for three years now and we enjoy its relevance week after week in our teenager group : TEEN PLANET.
Discover Youthbytes in images :

Here is an extract of teaching :

Here is an overview of the whole serie :

This is a revolutionary tool so don’t hesitate : if you’re interested by Youthbytes in english or french contact us via the contact page and we will be glad to answer your questions !